Redwood Logistics acquires Rockfarm

The Beringer Group is delighted to announce the successful acquisition of Rockfarm Supply Chain Solutions and Global Distribution and Logistics, a prominent supply chain solutions company based in Dubuque, IA, by Redwood Logistics, a leading logistics and transportation services provider headquartered in Chicago. The acquisition was facilitated by The Beringer Group, who represented Rockfarm Logistics as the seller in this transformative deal.

The acquisition solidifies Redwood Logistics’ strategic expansion and commitment to enhancing its logistics capabilities.

Rockfarm Logistics, renowned for its innovative and comprehensive supply chain management solutions, has consistently delivered exceptional services to its diverse clientele, becoming a key player in the logistics industry. The company’s strong customer-centric approach, cutting-edge technology, and dedicated team have positioned them as a trusted partner to businesses across various sectors.

Redwood Logistics has built a reputation for providing integrated logistics solutions on a global scale, enabling its customers to optimize their supply chains and achieve operational efficiency. The acquisition of Rockfarm Logistics aligns seamlessly with Redwood’s growth strategy, allowing them to leverage Rockfarm’s expertise.

This acquisition marks a momentous milestone for both Rockfarm Logistics and Redwood Logistics, as they set out to capitalize on synergies and collaborative strengths to continue delivering unparalleled supply chain solutions to their valued customers.