in the boardroom

We are proud to represent business owners and families who have built great enterprises.  They provide for their families, their communities and their employees in heroic ways.  They often have great advisors, attorneys and accountants.  However, due to subtle changes in tax laws, economic trends and personal objectives, they don’t often realize how quickly a hole can form in their planning…a hole that leaves them open to significant risk and lost opportunities.  Our job is to fix that hole and make sure our clients meet their goals, avoid catastrophic tax consequences, and get the maximum benefit from their good work.  In the process, we open our clients to a whole new universe of possibilities.

Our services fall into two general categories:

Services for the owners of substancial private businesses:

1. Keep/Sell/Grow Business Analysis
2. Liquidity Alternatives
3. Business Valuation
4. Selling Your Business
5. Recapitalizations
6. Debt Restructuring
7. Management Buyouts
8. Family/Partner Buyouts
9. Employee Ownership Plans (ESOP)

Services for high net worth families and investors:

10. Family Office Feasibility Study
11. Beyond the Family Office
12. Investment Policy Creation
13. Portfolio Structure and Diversification Strategies
14. Multiple Reporting Options
15. Alternative Investment Search (Public & Private)
16. Private Equity Access (Direct & LP)
17. Manager Search
18. Extensive Due Diligence