Alternative Investment Search (Public & Private)

It is estimated that the hedge fund industry is currently in excess of $800 billion represented by more than 7,000 active hedge funds. Every year, new funds enter the marketplace and hundreds disappear for a variety of reasons. The Beringer Group believes that alternative assets can play an important role in many investment portfolios, but it is crucial to choose the right group and fund or strategy to fit a client’s asset allocation. Unlike most publicly-traded securities where the asset allocation model is the primary determinant of a portfolio’s returns, the returns from alternative assets are generally attributable to the manager’s skill or the fund’s strategy.

The purpose of these types of alternative investments is to:

  • Generate positive returns irrespective of general market conditions
  • Enhance portfolio diversification
  • Reduce portfolio risk
  • Improve/stabilize portfolio returns

Through the Beringer Group relationship, investors have access to the most well known managers and funds in the industry as well as many new rising stars. Our clients are often given the opportunity to invest in funds that may not be available to the general public. Many Beringer Group investors request custom designed strategies or funds that suit a particular niche in the market. Our vast manager relationships have made these requests a reality.