Potential impact of the Biden tax plan

by Bradley Williams Inflection points for business owners. The decision to sell any business involves a complex set of decision-making points. The business’ underlying value, health of the overall industry, interest rates, growth potential, geographical location, owner’s age, taxes and many other factors contribute to an owner’s decision to sell or instead focus on succession[…]

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Bridging the Gap #2: Active and Inactive Shareholders in a Family Owned Business

by John McAlister and Chris Beringer This is the second installment in the series “Bridging the Gap.” The focus is on active vs. inactive shareholders in a closely held business enterprise. Companies have inactive shareholders for many reasons, but typically they are in a multi-generational business where shares are transferred in some manner to the[…]

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Protecting the Golden Goose: What we have learned over the past 37 years about shareholder conflict in family businesses – and what to do about it

by John McAlister and Chris Beringer The objective of this white paper is to suggest ways for family businesses to maximize financial objectives while minimizing family conflict.  There are inherent conflicts between active and inactive shareholders.  There are also deep seated emotional conflicts that may go back generations.  These issues can be dealt with, but[…]

Effective Boards for a Private Enterprise

EFFECTIVE BOARDS FOR A PRIVATE ENTERPRISE The creation of a customized board of directors can prove beneficial to the continuous improvement of the private business. For a family-owned enterprise an effective board strives to improve business governance and perpetuate family control. This active board should include qualified, experienced outside directors. An effective director’s only interest[…]