Debt Restructuring

Many successful middle market companies face the problem of securing working capital to support their growth. Sometimes this may involve growth through acquisition. Many private business owners do not want to dilute their equity in their company to fund their success. The most popular solution to this problem is to find the most suitable non-dilutive capital available in the financial markets. This strategy could also be an issue if the business owner or the company’s CFO is not familiar with all of the options available to secure non-dilutive expansion capital.

The Beringer Group, with over 30 years of experience in the service of middle market business owners, is uniquely positioned to identify the most advantaged option for a capital raise. We have long standing relationships with many major senior lenders, asset based lenders, mezzanine lenders and bond houses that are active in the market for this type of financing. The Beringer Group has found that one of the best solutions may be a blending of senior and subordinated debt facilities tailored to the individual company or client.

Because it is usually advantageous to the business owner in terms of the cost of capital to have several lenders bidding on the offering, the Beringer Group explores all the viable options with multiple institutions and presents the findings to the client before a final decision is made. This process usually results in the best terms for the business owner.