Ted Beringer and Nancy Volpe-Beringer

Ted Beringer appears on ‘Project Runway’ finale to support spouse’s message of inclusivity, sustainability and possibility

Anyone familiar with superpower high-net-worth consultant Ted Beringer…and his amazing skill for staying out of the spotlight…was probably not expecting to see him in two episodes of the popular television show ‘Project Runway’ this season. Beringer, founder and CEO of The Beringer Group, one of the most successful high-net-worth consulting firms in the country, is[…]

The Beringer Group

Continuity during coronavirus: our commitment to our clients, team, and families

The world is in crisis, such as we’ve never experienced. Our top priority is making certain our clients, employees and families are safe and protected personally and financially. We are operating under our Business Continuity Plan conditions, which fortunately we’ve had in place since our inception. We’ve strengthened this policy several times over the years[…]

Hajoca Corporation acquires Blodgett Supply

The Beringer Group is pleased to announce that our client, Blodgett Supply/Blodgett Distributors, has entered into an agreement for the sale of the company to Hajoca Corporation of Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania. Blodgett Supply is a family-owned diversified wholesale distributor, tracing its roots back to 1848. Hajoca is the second-largest PHVAC wholesaler in North America and[…]

Shanahan Shark Tank

The Beringer Group Helps the Students of Shanahan High ‘Swim With the Sharks’

This past April, Chris Beringer and Brad Williams of The Beringer Group, one of the top wealth management firms in the country, served as two of the “sharks” in the Shanahan Tank Challenge, a student business competition at Bishop Shanahan High School in Downington, PA inspired by the popular television program ‘The Shark Tank.’ Participating students generated[…]