Business Valuator


Valuation is the driver behind planning. All planning starts with what your company is worth. Astoundingly, more than 75% of business owners do not know the value of their business.

Until recently, hiring an external party to do a formal or informal business valuation, a process which can cost many thousands of dollars and require weeks or months of time, was the only option available to business owners interested in having an accurate picture of the value of their business.

Today we are pleased to offer a free online valuation tool which can determine the value of your company in a matter of minutes.

In seven simple steps, by supplying the necessary information, our online tool can accurately assess the value of your business, and generate an approximately 20 page report detailing the valuation.

  • Get a customized business report on the value of your business
  • Find out how you compare to 27 million other businesses
  • Learn how to monitor and optimize the value of your business.

To accurately complete the 7 step process the following information will be required:

  • Financial Data (revenues, expenses, profits, assets and liabilities from tax returns and financial statements)

It will be helpful to have the following on hand:

  • Last 3 Years of Federal Tax Returns (Forms 1065, 1120, 1120S or Schedule C)
  • Current Interim Financial Statements (income statement and balance sheet)
  • Cash Flow Forecast (to determine projected revenue growth and LT EBITDA margin)
  • Sales by Customer Report (to determine 3-Firm Concentration Ratio)
  • Sales Composition Report (to estimate percent of online sales)
  • Summary of Current Insurance Coverage (life, key person, liability, etc.)

The more information you enter, the more accurate your valuation will be. You can pause the process at any time. When you complete the process, you will immediately be provided an accurate valuation. Within one business day, we will supply you with a detailed multiple page report analyzing your valuation, and the opportunity to discuss it with one of our staff.

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