Sandpiper Supply Transitions to Next Generation

The Beringer Group is pleased to announce that our client, Sandpiper Supply of Savannah, Georgia has agreed to continue the tradition of a family business with an internal transaction.

Founded in 1977, Sandpiper Supply began as a small mom and pop plumbing supply house. Over the last 44 years, the Howard family has grown Sandpiper into one of greater Savannah’s largest diversified wholesale distributors, with a loyal customer base cultivated through decades of quality service.

Chat Howard and his sister Christie Ellis, who have worked in the business for many years, represent the next generation of the family to lead Sandpiper Supply. The Beringer Group was engaged in 2020 to help transition Sandpiper to Chat and Christy in the most tax-friendly manner possible. TBG served as the exclusive consultant and financial advisor to the Howards throughout the process.

“Our approach was to assist the Howard family in the process of determining the best route to effectively transition their family business, while eliminating taxes for years to come,” commented Brad Williams, Vice President at The Beringer Group.

With a solid plan for the future of the family business secured, Chat and Christy can concentrate on day-to-day operations at Sandpiper and continue to grow the business on their own terms. We look forward to watching Sandpiper thrive, and with TBG’s strategic know-how, keeping the business in the family for generations to come.

Congratulations to the Howard and Sandpiper Supply families!