Ted Beringer appears on ‘Project Runway’ finale to support spouse’s message of inclusivity, sustainability and possibility

Ted and Nancy Facetime Project Runway
Ted Beringer and Nancy Volpe-Beringer facetime during Project Runway filming

Anyone familiar with superpower high-net-worth consultant Ted Beringer…and his amazing skill for staying out of the spotlight…was probably not expecting to see him in two episodes of the popular television show ‘Project Runway’ this season.

Beringer, founder and CEO of The Beringer Group, one of the most successful high-net-worth consulting firms in the country, is notorious for guarding his own privacy and that of his clients.

However, against all odds, Beringer appeared in the ‘Project Runway’ season 18 finale during New York Fashion Week, supporting his fashion-forward spouse, Nancy Volpe-Beringer, who “wowed” Judges, attendees and millions of viewers with her spectacular collection.

Mr. Beringer also made a cameo in an earlier episode in a supportive phone call with Volpe-Beringer.

Spreading a message of inclusivity, sustainability, and possibility, Volpe-Beringer, at age 64, is the oldest contestant ever to compete on the popular television show, which pits 16 superstar fashion designers against each other in a fierce and at times brutal competition.

The contestants sign strict non-disclosure agreements and live apart from their families for approximately six weeks during filming of the show, with minimal contact with the outside world.

As a spouse of a contestant, Mr. Beringer also had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which prohibited him from telling anyone, including family members, about Volpe-Beringer’s whereabouts until the show aired.

“When people asked where Nancy was during all those weeks of filming, I told them she was in a six week ‘digital detox’ program,” said Beringer. I am not sure anyone believed me, but it did deflect a lot of questions.”

After beating out 12 contestants in a long series of grueling competitions, Volpe-Beringer succeeded in reaching the very last and most competitive event of the show. Her first model, a wheelchair user, rolled down the runway to thunderous applause, setting the stage for arguably the most innovative collection of the season.

Volpe-Beringer defines her all-inclusive aesthetic as “wearable, androgynous art for all shapes and sizes.” Fulfilling her brand’s mission of sustainability, Volpe-Beringer designed a zero-waste collection. She hopes her Project Runway experience inspires others to follow their passion, regardless of age or circumstances.

“Watching the effort she put in just to get accepted was amazing, said Mr. Beringer. “The energy required to create the runway look was awe-inspiring.”

When asked if there were any moments of the season that were particularly memorable for him, Beringer said “When Nancy and Christian ran up the infamous ‘Rocky’ steps at the Philadelphia Art Museum, she was living the ultimate underdog role. I could not have been more proud.”

‘Christian’ refers to Christian Siriano, the official mentor of season 18, who was the youngest contestant to win Project Runway when he won the fourth season in 2008, making his run up the Philadelphia Art Museum steps with Volpe-Beringer, currently the oldest contestant, particularly poignant.

Mr. Beringer said “Nancy embodies the values of perseverance, creative problem solving, and charitable giving that inspire everything I do. She teaches us all that if we are willing to work hard and believe in ourselves, it is never too late to make a dream come true.”

You can learn more about Nancy Volpe-Beringer on her website.

When asked if he planned to appear on national television again anytime soon, Mr. Beringer said, “Excuse me, I have to take this very important call.”