Continuity during coronavirus: our commitment to our clients, team, and families

The world is in crisis, such as we’ve never experienced. Our top priority is making certain our clients, employees and families are safe and protected personally and financially. We are operating under our Business Continuity Plan conditions, which fortunately we’ve had in place since our inception. We’ve strengthened this policy several times over the years and can therefore continue to work fairly seamlessly. We are here to keep you informed, assist and guide you every step along the way.

With the high level of stress we’re all experiencing personally and professionally, we want you to know that The Beringer Group is operating in full force. Our Business Continuity Plan allows all TBG personnel to provide you with timely information and service you’ve come to expect from our firm. This plan provides for all associates to safely connect and work remotely from outside our office location. Our BCP was significantly expanded after 9/11, in order to deal with all sorts of catastrophic events. Fortunately, we haven’t had many occasions to rely on this failsafe. We’ve gone above and beyond what is required by FINRA and SEC. Our computer systems allow us to access information quickly and safely. Our telephone system is state of the art, in that we’ve duplicated our office system in our homes and/or cell phones, so that we can receive and return calls on a very timely basis. We are able to maintain close contact with custodians and money managers, as well as IT personnel and various service providers.

Since the majority of our country’s workforce is mandated to work from home during this unprecedented time, please know that we are confident the provisions we’ve established enable us to maintain the highest level of operations and service. Our technology and contingency plans allow us to maintain uninterrupted service for as long as necessary.
We appreciate our relationship and the confidence you’ve shown in our organization. We’re here to assist with all your needs and concerns, and wish you and your family good health in these trying times.

Theodore A. Beringer, CEO The Beringer Group