Human Capital

Diane Fye
by Diane Fye

The end of the year brings our attention to the financial balance sheets of our businesses and family wealth. Are we as mindful of our Human Capital balance sheets? Has the Human and Intellectual Capital in our business and/or family increased in 2014? And do we recognize how important this is to sustaining and growing our businesses and/or preserving our family wealth?

Consider the following:

  • Have you taken ownership of the CEO succession planning process?
  • How would you rank the quality of the internal leadership pipeline in your company?
  • Have you thought about building an external leadership pipeline?
  • Are future generations of your family prepared to steward the wealth you and/or your ancestors have created?
  • How can you assist in preparing your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to lead happy, productive lives?

Whether your plan is to keep and grow, or even sell your business or family enterprise, we at The Beringer Group believe Human Capital should be “top of mind” in your 2015 planning.

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