Finish Victorious With A Complete Transition Plan

John Fye

by John Fye

Private Business Owners: Is the finish line in sight?

Current research shows that each day until 2030, 10,000 members of the Baby Boom generation – including many business owners will reach age 65. The resulting turnover in business ownership could produce the largest transfer in private wealth in our nation’s history.

Today, most of the business owners we meet have so much of their wealth – and their identity – tied up in their companies. Getting an early start on their transition plan allows for a thoughtful exit out of ownership in a way that honors their companies past, preserves their wealth in the present and sets course for a secure future.

It is never too early for closely-held business owners to engage in a strategic planning process which identifies what they want to happen to the business in the future and what should happen to their ownership interests.

Since 1979, The Beringer Group has helped owners understand and analyze the myriad of issues and considerations involved in mapping a strategic direction for the company and its owner[s]. We do not approach this analysis with a preconceived result or “product solution” and provide straightforward and objective conclusions and recommendations.

Our wish is that you cross the finish line VICTORIOUS!

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