Theodore Beringer

CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Ted is a nationally-recognized financial advisor to some of the wealthiest families in the country. He was also the founder and Chairman of The Mid-Atlantic Companies, Ltd., a nationwide, full-service, financial services firm.

Hajoca Corporation acquires Blodgett Supply

The Beringer Group is pleased to announce that our client, Blodgett Supply/Blodgett Distributors, has entered into an agreement for the sale of the company to Hajoca Corporation of Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania. Blodgett Supply is a family-owned diversified wholesale distributor, tracing its roots back to 1848. Hajoca is the second-largest PHVAC wholesaler in North America and[…]

The Beringer Group

Bridging the Gap #2: Active and Inactive Shareholders in a Family Owned Business

by John McAlister and Chris Beringer This is the second installment in the series “Bridging the Gap.” The focus is on active vs. inactive shareholders in a closely held business enterprise. Companies have inactive shareholders for many reasons, but typically they are in a multi-generational business where shares are transferred in some manner to the[…]

Shanahan Shark Tank

The Beringer Group Helps the Students of Shanahan High ‘Swim With the Sharks’

This past April, Chris Beringer and Brad Williams of The Beringer Group, one of the top wealth management firms in the country, served as two of the “sharks” in the Shanahan Tank Challenge, a student business competition at Bishop Shanahan High School in Downington, PA inspired by the popular television program ‘The Shark Tank.’ Participating students generated[…]

The Beringer Group

Protecting the Golden Goose: What we have learned over the past 37 years about shareholder conflict in family businesses – and what to do about it

by John McAlister and Chris Beringer The objective of this white paper is to suggest ways for family businesses to maximize financial objectives while minimizing family conflict.  There are inherent conflicts between active and inactive shareholders.  There are also deep seated emotional conflicts that may go back generations.  These issues can be dealt with, but[…]

Effective Boards for a Private Enterprise

EFFECTIVE BOARDS FOR A PRIVATE ENTERPRISE The creation of a customized board of directors can prove beneficial to the continuous improvement of the private business. For a family-owned enterprise an effective board strives to improve business governance and perpetuate family control. This active board should include qualified, experienced outside directors. An effective director’s only interest[…]

Complex Puzzle

Leadership, Governance and Family Business Sustainability

“Rags to riches to rags in three generations?” You have something else in mind? The Beringer Group has identified some Key Success Indicators for your consideration.  Identify future leaders from within and outside the family Find leaders early and invest in them Approach CEO succession proactively Preserve an enduring sense of clearly defined family values[…]